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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today is my store's SIX week anniversary...What a crazy whirlwind!!!

What a crazy ride it has been...the last six weeks seem like a blur. The flurry of opening the new store, trying to figure out systems for running the Paint Your Own Pottery Studio: keeping up with firing & reordering...

Selling out most of my Pottery in the gift shop... and just putting in the long hours to keep this place going.  Oh ya,  and I was famous last month on the Venue...great way to get the word out. Thanks Melea!

Today I finally cleared off a little bit of desk around my computer....I had a chance to take a breath. Most kids go back to school tomorrow, people are back to work now. I expect things might slow down just a bit and that is okay. I've got my bills paid, customer work firing in the kiln, and class schedules swirling in my head.

Trying to figure out which fire to put out first. Class Schedules!!! should have that done by Friday. Need to do some remaining custom orders for customers. Really need to throw some pottery and refill the gift shop. Busy girl....but busy is good.

So thankful for the new store, so much busier...trying to get it all done. I will try to post more regularly as you follow me on this crazy ride.


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