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Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Craft Shows...Can Spring Really Be Around the Corner?

My next big thing...SPOKANE HOME AND GARDEN SHOW at the Spokane Fairgrounds, February 24, 25, 26, & 27!! One month from today....Panic!!
Here is part of my display from last years Flower Show in Seattle, I did well there but, boy, it was just too expensive. So I will be trying Spokane this year...

So... have I been spending the weeks following Christmas diligently working on product??...What do you think...nope.

I have been sleeping in, making it into work doing some purging. I brought in my giant garbage can and filled it all up with old dried out clay. Threw away a bunch of student work that I haven't seen the students for a few years, didn't figure they wanted that half finished project.

I have been sketching lots, been catching up with my community service groups: riding my horse getting ready for the Posse & sketching and designing ads for the Columbia Basin Allied Arts Spring Art Soiree & Auction for April 15 event.

I have also gotten the SPRING ART CLASSES AT THE MOSES LAKE MUSEUM AND ART CENTER finally submitted. Here is a link for February Classes...the rest of the Spring Art Classes should be up in a few days. You should check it out, there are going to be some fun classes for all ages.

I am trying to sporatically toss and organize, because I am preparing and praying for MY BIG MOVE, I want to move my store to Moses Lake soon. I think I have a strong lead on a building...I will know more about that in the next few days. So that is so exciting and it makes it hard to concentrate.

When what I really need to be doing is making more of these.... BUGS!!

And lots more of these...SPRING GREEN POTS. I think I am almost completely sold out of my green popular.

I am also hoping to make some CLAY TILE QUOTES mounted on barnwood for the home and garden.

Yes, I am a little panicked about only four weeks to get lots made. Unfortunately, that is just how I roll. I think you have to have some downtime to regroup and get ready for the next big push. So for now it is off to stock up on inventory...

I will let you all know as soon as I find out about the BIG MOVE...cross your fingers for ME!Exciting times ahead, its gonna be bigger & better...can't wait!!!

Time to wrestle some clay...Lala