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Friday, September 24, 2010

So much to post....

It has been such a crazy month dealing with the collapse of my studio ceiling and traveling on many creative adventures...

The ceiling collapsed on Aug. 11 and now we are at Sept. 24, I have had to be out of my studio due to workers, mold on the ceiling, and more workers... They should be out of here on Tuesday, and I was able to open my gift shop back up Wednesday. So almost back to normal....

I am so excited to just get back into the flow of it all...I went to SPARK again this year. So amazing! Will post more later, met so many wonderful creative women this year. Made some cool stuff. Hung out with my great friend Sandi, that I have known since we were little girls. Got to chat with my buddy Rhonna ( the head Sparkler) from college. Such a great experience will tell more later, with photos.

Spent a week at my fabulous friend, Cass Barney's house with her awesome family.
We just played and crafted non-stop for a week....awesome!

So now I am getting ready for the Farmer's Market tomorrow in Moses Lake...just unloaded the kiln with a dozen Halloween bowls! Some to ship and some to sell tomorrow...exciting times here at the art garden....stay tuned!

Love, Lala