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Monday, April 5, 2010

Planting the garden @ ARTGARDEN...

Oh great grandma Josephine would be proud as I planted wheat from the Mayer Ranch out in my pots on top of her antique potter's wheel... I will have to keep you posted to see how my crop turns out, thought wheat might be a fun pop of color...will plant my peas tomorrow!!! Yippee!!!

Pansies and early spring flowers!! Can't plant much before Mother's Day, but PANSIES I can count on, they are one of my very favorite flowers...

Planted some pansies and scattered some wheat.... Spring is a coming here at the ARTGARDEN...stay tuned I have so many new ideas popping up in my head!! Fun...

Spring Ukranian Egg Dyeing

Tis the season to break out the dyes and the wax and do some egg dyeing...I taught a class last week at the Moses Lake Art Museum to a lovely group of ladies. They came up with some fabulous color combinations and learned a little somethin' somethin!

I learned this ancient wax resist technique when I was an art teacher at the Waterford School in Sandy, is so fun as such simple materials can turn a simple egg into a work of art.
It is a wax resist technique as you use a metal funnel "kiska" and melt beeswax into it and draw on a raw chicken egg.

After dunking in several dyes and saving your favorite color, then at the end you use the candle to melt and remove the wax revealing the beautiful pattern you created... so fun!

Here are their masterpieces, a sure sign of spring!