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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show Entries...

It is that time of year to submit entries and photos to various shows around the region. I find that it is a great place to interact with a large customer base and I have a great range of price points...from $5 Ladybugs to $200 birdbaths. I enjoy doing the art festivals in the summer...
I submitted to a few on the west side of the state by Seattle as well as a few around Spokane to the I just have to hope and wait to see if I get in so I can plan my summer, oh the not knowing!!! Here's to a successful summer...

Garden ART...handmade ceramic Flowers on rebar, and lots and lots of bugs...Slugs, Snails, Worms, Ladybugs and more...

These bright colored Spring Green Pots are always popular...a little art for the kitchen... ancient watering technique, I first saw these in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia. This is how the colonist would water their gardens, no hoses then. Each pot has holes in the bottom, you dip them in the water to fill them and then plug it with your thumb, then lift your thumb and the water drains out...magic!! These have been around since the ancient Greeks, they called them 'Water Theifs'. Clever Greeks!!!

I took that ancient idea and added my own colorful spin...everything is better with color!

Here is a shot of my booth...shows always like to see how you display your work! Sometimes that is an art in itself...I enjoy setting up my booth I always like to make it look like a fun little gift shop, people seem to like it...I got Best in Show at Bellevue last year, so exciting!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

Okay after the mad flurry of the Flower Show it took me about a week to rest up and then started the spring as an artist is a rollercoaster. Periods of intense deadline focused work, then the deadline, then the aftermath: a period of cleaning up and putting away all that was set aside when you were in the intense flow of creative work... I don't think I am alone in this, am I? I talk to my other artist friends and they experience the same thing. Talking to my friend Cass Barney and she said "when we organize and clean our studios that is time to reflect and get ready to be creative again..."
True...I don't feel guilty for organizing it helps me for the times when I am in the creative flow of work and don't have time to clean up, I don't feel bad then either.
I am trying to plan set little deadlines for myself. So I don't have to race 100mph 16 hours a day when I come up on the next big deadline.

Trying to get the creative juices flowing again...cleared my white board the other day, cranked up the music and decided to just fill it with ideas, inspiration that swirls in my to do lists, that is for another place... It is good, I like this giant sketchbook page visible in my studio and all the white countertops clean and waiting for my next creative adventure. Life is good here at the ARTGARDEN ready to burst into spring!!!

There is nothing...really not much better, than the hope and promise of new buds bursting forth in the favorite time of year...a fresh start.