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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clay Garden Bug Factory....

I have been a machine making bug after, bug after bug...
The goal is a thousand far I am at 470. Give or take a few jumped off of the board as I was loading the kiln....

Worms...I lose a few in transportation and firing, these are a little fragile.

Butterflies ready to take flight into the kiln...

I sent out a shout out to my friends to help me far Danelle, Sandy, Jill, Annette/Monica & family, and my mom have answered the call...THANKYOU PEOPLE!!!
I know my lack of planning shouldn't be everyones emergency...but oh well I have been busy. Two weeks from the big set up day for the NW Flower & Garden Show in SEattle. Check it out at
I am excited but quite nervous to pull it all together gonna be some late nights...oh well, living the dream!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year...Next Big Fire/NW Flower Show

Oh a fresh new year with visions of grandeur....really my first big goal is to be a better blogger. I love to read a dozen or so daily blogs and get so excited with a new post. So I will try to be better...And most importantly my goal for this year is to ENJOY THE JOURNEY & BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE... so when I add craziness to my schedule I will ENJOY it...

My work life is always about putting out the next big fire..the Northwest Flower & Garden Show it is...not to panic but I now have 27 days to get it all done, the making, the firing, the glazing...ya it is going to be a little bit crazy in the studio. I must like it that way, a little exciting that extra bit of pressure....So I start today, might be a crazy ride hang on, time to start thinking about COLOR....yay I love color and spring and all things favorite subject. I tell myself this is fun and enjoy the process...I will keep you posted!!

Love my FROGS, bugs and more...the goal is to make thousands of these critters. I see some late nights in the next few weeks...oh well, Living the Dream!!!!