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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Vacation....August

This was yesterday...a beautiful day in the country @ the Buggy Barn Quilt/Folk Art Show!!

Let me catch you up on the last month....more pictures and posts to follow....

The Beginning of August...Life was a blur until the Bellevue Arts Festival, I was on a rollercoaster of crazy productive days with little sleep as I raced towards the deadline of my biggest show of the year. I did it and it was great, but it is always hard to recapture the Artist Flow of Creativity...I kinda took the month of August off. I have been randomly in and out of the studio this past month. The first few weeks of August I had to get everything unpacked from the big craft show...

Then I spent a few days rearranging and resetting my super cute gift shop...looks so cool, wish I was in a bigger town with more traffic...someday!?!?!?maybe soon!!! will keep you posted on that...
Started riding my horse more and attending Sheriff Posse Practice with my friend Taffy as we prepared to patrol the Grant Co. Fair..Love my horse, Max, he did so great at practice and was so popular on!!!

The night I was to leave for a vacation to Detroit, I walked into the smelled wet and I looked up and the ceiling had fallen in???!!!!
My little old lady landlord upstairs, her supply valve on the toilet busted and flooded her apartment upstairs...where did the water go? ARTGARDEN..what a mess.
So before I could leave to drive to seattle, I spent 3 hours trying to move my things into the back room so the cleanup crew could rip out the ceiling while I was on vacation in Detroit! Luckily mom & dad were here to let them in and supervise..still waiting for them to put the ceiling back up and I havent unloaded the backroom and there is still some general cleanup to do...could have been worse, but such a hassle. Went on vacation in Detroit...Jim had a conference there. That conference is always fun with dinner parties everynight, get to dress up, wear lots of jewelry, and be fancy...Detroit is a very empty city, everything is boarded up and a little scary, did venture out to the Detroit Institue of Art- it was a fantastic museum, one of the best I have seen. Must See! Did have trouble finding a cab back to the hotel, panicked just a touch.
So from then on, I just used the rental car, much better especially with GPS! Drove to Dearborn and spent the day at the Henry Ford Museum-
I thought the Weinermobile was last name being MAYER and all..
fantastic, especially the Greenfield village where Henry Ford had collected all sorts of historic buildings, my favorite- The Wright Bros. Bicycle Shop. Awesome! It was the actual building...crazy.
Took a day and drove to AnnArbor, excellent adventure. That town is so cool and arty. Went to Motawi tileworks-beautiful. And then I tracked down Red Shoes, I have been following this blog for about two years...I found her shop and it was so weird how similar her shop, her product line, her artwork and her parakeets were to mine. I got a little freaked out...I feel like I have an artistic twin out there... So overall Detroit was a great break, so fun to get out of town.
Then this past weekend and adventure in the country...
The actual original Buggy Barn, now a very cool quilt shop...

The folk art show was up the hill from the quilts and buggy barn..

Getting home from vacation, had to get ready for this last weekend, for a quilt show/folk art sale at the Buggy Barn in Reardan, WA. I had no idea what to expect, so it was quite an adventure driving the backroads of eastern washington to Reardan kinda the middle of nowhere in a good way. I got there and set up on the most beautiful little farm in the middle of rolling fields of wheat. The entire weekend was magical. Beautiful weather surrounded by wonderful quilts blowing in the breeze, hanging on the fences, nailed to the barns. I had so many fantastic customers that loved my work. It was just such a great successful weekend...

I also discovered a new craft...needlepunch embroidery!!Had to start it in my hotel room on Saturday night, so fun! Can't wait to get home tonight to do more...
Anyway, that was my condensed summer vacation! I woke today renewed and inspired for fall. The days are cooler and the nights are crisper. And the day after tomorrow is Sept. 1, which for me is the first day of fall and more importantly the first official day I can legally start decorating for HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH man my favorite time of year!!!

!!!!!!Okay I am just finishing this post...really did I just sit here for the last hour and a half...must learn to post faster. Its the picture thing, gotta get faster....!!!!!
Stay tuned... So gonna get off the computer and go throw some giant TRICK OR TREAT bowls and start thinking all things HALLOWEENIE!!!!
hAPPY fALL.....Love, Lala