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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Do you feel like the days get eaten up my all the tiny little things. The days this week are being taken up by all the little things....I am really excited to work on a new line of 'Flower Girls' that my buddy Cass made a few of last weekend, I want to continue playing clay.

However in my effort to get a little more tech savy, I have been spending way to much time posting photos, blogging, building pages...all that computer stuff. Man that takes up time. My new goal is to post more often, but I must be efficient so I can get to the clay. That is my goal.

This weekend, we were talking about our perfect know when you get up at like 5 am and run/walk, eat something healthy and head to the studio and be super productive, I am sure you dream of such a day. Ya well it never seems to include the random errand or the 2 hours spent building something on the computer and then it mysteriously deletes or your truck all of a sudden decides it needs new brakes...oh the joys of real life, but we can still hold out hope for the perfect day.

I have been spending my mornings teaching at the Moses Lake Art Museum, kids are a clever interesting bunch...I never get tired of seeing things with the joy and wonder of a kids eye.

Okay just for today, classes taught...platters drying...truck brakes finished....emails posted...CHECK!

Let's break out the clay...................

1 comment:

Cassandra Barney said...

Oh I'm with you on all of that. I've spent my whole day on the computer instead of painting. That's it! I'm shutting it don right now and getting to work!

Thanks Lala!