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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clay Camp at the ARTGARDEN

One of my most favorite friends came to visit this last weekend, Cassandra Barney. She brought her awesome triathelete/ceramic teacher/cool sister, Sari and I invited my artsy friend from my childhood, Sandi...and we spent four long days at the ARTGARDEN: creating, sculpting, and glazing.
It was magical the freedom to create and feed off one anothers creative spark. Loved it. Kept saying the entire time..."I can't believe you are here". Cass and her sister live in Utah and Sandi lives near Seattle. So this is my creative posse, but they live so far away. Last time we were together it was post SPARK, so it was fun to get together again.

We spent Thursday and Friday making all things art, houses, flower girls, ornaments and more....Then on Saturday and Sunday we glazed our little treasures. So much fun. Four long days, we were so tired by Sunday night, but oh so much fun....

I have known Cass since college her amazing creative husband, Dan Barney and I went to college together and then Cass and I ended up sharing an art room my first year of teaching.... It was great to share some studio space just being creative again.

It was a dream to have her just working away in my studio... we are both working artists working away in our studios alone. We text back and forth during the day and I am comforted to know my creative friend is working away on her art while I do mine, I just always wish she was here....and then she was...DREAMY.

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A Little Sass said...

It was the BEST 4 days of clay ever! Thanks again Lala!!! Can't wait for Clay Camp 2011.