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Monday, May 10, 2010


My life is a constant rollercoaster...busy busy racing to put out the next fire.

The last few weeks have been consumed with teaching, developing class schedules, firing projects, etc. It has been paying the bills, but hasn't left me a lot of time to create and make product.

Needless to say the studio is somewhat of a disaster. I have product to put away...I started Farmer's Market Saturday, so I will be doing that most Saturdays. After a long winter it is nice to get out and see the community. I did okay. I was quite early...I don't usually see 6 am, but I was able to set up okay, took me a little longer. Should get faster as I get into the swing of things... I have clay to reclaim...oh how I dream of a pug mill, someday. For now I will have to get some soaking and make some platters out of it. I have really been going through the clay with all of these school projects. Will need to reorder about 500# of clay this week, I think I am down to about 50#.

I also need to reorganize my glaze and take some inventory, and then I will reorder that as well. I also have a mountain of paperwork...I hate the paperwork and my files are a mess. To think my first few years of college were spent studying accounting, what was I thinking. Ugh.

So this is the reality of living the dream...somedays I get to just sit in my studio and make stuff, but it is those other days or organizing, cleaning, and paperwork, where I really feel I have to work at it.

I don't think I am alone...I have talked to other artists about this artistic cycle. Mad flurry of creating and efficiency, followed by the regrouping and clean up. I think the organizing of studio and paperwork, is the lull before the creative storm.

It's okay, I will be working on my list so I can get my chores done so I can get my hands back in the clay... I am really excited about this month. I don't have a lot of classes to teach so I can really focus about getting into produciton.

My next BIG BIG thing is the Bellevue Arts Festival 6th Street Fair in July 23-25. They called me the other day to inform me, that because I got BEST IN SHOW last year, that I didn't need to submit a jury fee and they were giving me my choice of a corner booth in the middle of the festival. Exciting!! So now I will have even more sides to sell from out of my booth....planning something even bigger and better for this year.

I am really trying to start NOW planning for Bellevue, so I don't have to kill myself and my mom & friends with so many late nights right before the show...gonna try to be a little better prepared, we will see...I will keep you posted.

Okay...enough about me. Anyone else out there that feels this way?

I got to get to work....

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