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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cannon Beach...Art Offerings...Cass Barney

Words just really can't describe the power of the ocean...

I went with my Jim to visit my fabulous artist friends Cass & Dan Barney , she was having an art opening in Cannon Beach for the spring art unveiling... her paintings were so beautiful....I have started a Cass Fund, someday I want to walk in and buy one of her wonderful paintings...she is so cool! I feel recharged...I spent time with people I love seeing dear cherished friends, enjoying the calm powerful beauty of the ocean, making art... the thing I love about living in eastern washington is how big the sky is...maybe that is what I love about the ocean just the space and how endless it feeds me...
Last time I was at Cannon Beach with Cass, we made a little art movie...I got to thinking the thing I love when at the ocean is looking for all the treasures you find, a cool shell, a piece of driftwood, a rock.
Decided to create my own little art offering... whipped up some clay ocean pod thingys and headed to the beach and my creative friends...

We drew mermaids and offered them to the sea...imagining what people who discover them think is the coolest part. Art is an offering...feeds me and feeds another.
Cass( was the videographer for the event, can't wait to see what she comes up with...
More photos and story of the movie to come... stay tuned.

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