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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Salmon Days....Success!

The thing I love most about my job is putting a smile on someone's face and a little joy in their life with something I created. This was my first Salmon Days. Saturday was a little cold (bring snowboots to keep my feet warm next year) and a little slow, but I did sell a lot of spooky bats, just making life easier to decorate for halloween. Sunday was a spectacularly beautiful day...perfect crisp sunny fall day. I was happy I got to spend it outside. I had some nice sales throughout the day, had a few customers that I had seen this summer @ Bellevue so that is fun to develop a following. It is always so exciting when people like what you do. I guess that is why I like to do these big craft shows, it is a nice bump in sales, but mostly I like interacting with so many customers it is good feedback and fun to see how people react. My new Black/White pottery was very popular...this post would be so much better with pictures (I'm working on it!) One of my proudest moments this weekend: it only took 2 1/2 hours to set up 6:30am-9am'ish, thankyou Sandi & Jim...and when it came time to teardown, I was finished and driving off by 8pm, it only took me 2 hours to pack up, and the best part is I WAS NOT THE LAST ONE, there were at least eight other people stilling packing as I left. I felt so good about that, as I am normally the last one packing up and oh the pressure when the cops start letting the traffic back through. I was really happy with my packing this time, I am getting better at this craft show thing everytime. It is always fun doing craft shows and nice to look back on a job well done, usually my mom,Karen, does these with me, unfortunately she was sick so I did miss her. Thankfully, my great boyfriend Jim, came through and hung out with me all weekend, he brought me snacks and water and watched my booth during potty breaks, couldn't have done it without him!
To all the people I met this weekend, thanks for stopping's to great things ahead!!!!

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