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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter: a time to catch up & get CREATIVE!!!

i am a procrastinator...or is it that I have so many things swirling in my head that I can't do them all and just have to focus on what is in front of me and what is ON FIRE...not sure if I am alone in this,but oh well that is just how I roll...

...The last few days, I had the store closed and was planning on getting so much done: repainting the entire 3000 sqft.  floor of the store, remodeling the bathroom, finishing my art class schedule, hanging out with my family, organizing my house...yes, quite a bit for three days, but what can I say I'm an overachiever and a planner...unfortunately, all I could manage was repainting the giftshop & pottery studio floor-it was physically all I could do painting 3 faux coats on 2000 sq.ft. of floor, oh I did also get to see my cute niece & nephew in their belated Christmas program and a few lunches with my that was a I reopened with a store full of happy painters, so that was fun...and my great helper Zhane came in to work this afternoon and I got to catch up with her...Christmas was such a busy time...feel like it has been FULL speed ahead around here since mid I just want to catch my breath....but it is time for ART CLASSES!!! 
I have been working on my NEW SCHEDULE for the last few is such a struggle to get everything on there and commit to a full schedule for the next 3 months without forgetting anything...

...look at these cool examples for the New GLAZE TECHNIQUE class that is happening next THURSDAY, JAN. 14 from 7-9pm. The cost is $10 plus pottery. I can't wait to teach everyone this cool wood grain technique and use the new dimensional white liner bottles...I hope people sign up...but I need to get the word out and get my dang WINTER ART CLASS SCHEDULE done!  Why am I blogging...oh ya right, I am a procrasinator! Back to work...stay tuned. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall @ Artgarden...settling in.

I feel so blessed at this time in my life...I just spent the last two weeks flying around the country...First a week in New York City where I spent quite a bit of time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...AMAZING! I loved the American Wing where I saw these beautiful ceramics, and then an actual Egyptian Temple, paintings by Van Gogh and Monet, and an actual living room by Frank Lloyd Wright...blows my mind everytime. Then a week in Salt Lake City to visit my Utah family...I have known the Christensen/Barney family since college. I love just being with them and making things and catching up. It was nice to have a week to creatively recharge...

Now I am home for a bit with new hours at the Artgarden...I am trying to get into the Studio and get some work done before the Shop opens now at Noon on M-TH. Lots to plan and do before my next big adventure....

 Looking forward to Fall Y' product to plan and make...craft shows to classes to teach in Nov. & Dec....stay tuned. Happy living my dream.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Long time no talk...

Has it really been almost a year and a half since I was on this thing... Wow. Settling back into the store and gearing up for the Holiday Retail Season, hope it will be a good one this year. I have a new website and I hope to start up my blog there....stay tuned.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring fresh start...

Springtime @ Artgarden...just got back from a bit of vacation and now it is time to settle in and start making ALL THINGS SPRING!! Thankfully and gratefully the store continues to be thankful for the support of this great community. It is such a joy to meet so many fun people everyday, as they drop in and paint, or stop to buy something handmade locally.
 I still keep facebooking away, trying to spread the love and get people to share the love of Artgarden. I would like to blog more...this is my attempt. Not sure if I will keep it up on this address or attach a blog to my website. Will keep you posted on that...
For the moment, I am enjoying the fresh green buds of SPRING. The beauty of Easter is this weekend, I have enjoyed making a few new Ukrainian Eggs to add to my Basket. Hope to get in the Garden and start cultivating more of a life and make a little ART on the side. I will keep ya posted...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Life is good...

Oh where to's been awhile, life is busy and business is very good...I am loving my new adventure here in Moses Lake. People are really supporting the new shop...makes me happy & oh so thankful...
 Finally able to start making work again...feels good to draw & paint again...did some bee pottery last week and put it up front in the store. Made a "farm life" pitcher and then sold it on doing another one today. Love my busy little store where I can sit up front & glaze while waiting on happy customers...
 The store is doing great downtown, flowers are blooming...I won a big state award from the Washington State Main Street Program::an Excellence on Main: Economic Restructuring award. So that was exciting, Jim & I went up to Chelan a few weeks back to accept the award...I got a nice big plaque which was great.

Getting ready to make flowers, bugs, & birds for the Upcoming BELLEVUE ARTS FESTIVAL::SIXTH STREET FAIR at the end of July. So much to make, going to be busy in JULY!!
 Still working on my big project::my little cottage on the bluff...put in a big vegetable garden and now working up plans to remodel the cottage...then we can move out there, hopefully maybe this fall or next spring, we will see...just enjoying the process of the whole thing...
 Got a chance to see my amazing friend Cass Barney in April for a day or so ( she made the cool marker on the left), went with my wonderful friends Taffy, Danelle & Michelle to the funky Farm Chicks Show in June...getting ready to take a few vacation days to spend time with family...
Life is good here @ the ARTGARDEN...I am a very happy, thankful, busy girl...

Happy Summer,

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So want to come Paint Late...tomorrow is your big chance, to PAINT TIL YA FAINT!!

 It was such big success last month, I'm doing it again!
How fun is that the later you stay the less you pay.

5-7 PM 10% OFF
7-9 PM 15% OFF
9-11 PM 20%OFF
11PM 25% OFF!!!!!



 Spent this week stocking the fun is that!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fresh Art Class Schedules...

Stopped in at the local print shop and printed up a few hundred flyers...only noticed 2 dates that were wrong, so will be changing those by hand. Hope that is all there is... Oh well, what do I expect with 52 different classes offered, boy am I going to be busy the next few months.

Now I just need to get the schedule into everyone's hot little hands... I have it posted on my website: which is still a miracle to me that I figured that one out. I posted it to my facebook, my Artgarden Pottery facebook page and now I am in the process of entering about 400 names I have collected over the past 7 weeks to create an email mailing list...not to mention the legwork I need to do of passing brochures all over town, if you want to pick up some to share with your friends..feel free to grab some & Thanks!

So alas I will be on the computer today...after this email list, I still need to do paperwork: paying artists, figuring out tax stuff, you know all the fun stuff of running your own business! It's these days that are not my funnest, when people say to me "oh you don't work, you get to do something you love everyday..." when I hear that I would like to dump all this paperwork in their lap! But the more organized I get the better this job gets.

I am really looking forward to next week, when I can throw again and make some new product.

Started the the birdcage, washing dishes, and now off to inputing email addresses, oh the glamour of it all. The Fed Ex gal should be coming with a frieght truck full of bisque pottery today, so that should be fun to unpack and restock the shelves...

Living the dream...have a great day,